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    The Commitments Hub, powered by Supply Shift​, provides an online space for collecting and understanding the numerous sustainability commitments efforts and initiatives underway across the coffee sector.

    We believe this will enable us, as a community, to better understand what we are individually and collectively doing to promote sustainability and to facilitate sharing of experiences and lessons learned. All of which will allow us to efficiently scale up our results and achieve our vision of a sustainable coffee sector that ensures the prosperity and well-being of producers, the conservation of nature and the long-term supply of coffee.


    The Sustainable Coffee Challenge partner commitments represent an innovative way to address the growing threat to the global coffee industry. Commitments can be small or large, global or local. No matter the size or scope, commitments help advance the coffee sector toward becoming the world’s first sustainable agricultural product.

    To support the development of commitments among partners, the Sustainable Coffee Challenge facilitates a place for convening and sharing, and provides opportunities for organizations to publicly state, report and track their commitments.

    The Commitment Hub sets out to...

    • Develop shared understanding of our collective action on sustainable coffee production
    • Drive new and more ambitious commitments to sustainable coffee
    • Stimulate necessary investment for transforming the sector

    Principles of a Commitment

    Organizations should ta​ke into consideration the following area when stating a commitment:

    1. New or active commitment: Every commitment that is stated via the Sustainable Coffee Challenge should be either a new commitment or an existing commitment that has yet to be achieved.
    2. Incorporates SMART objectives: Commitments should be Specific in what they set out to achieve, incorporate Measurable targets, be Ambitious in nature, Relevant for the industry, organization or supply chain that it is targeting, and Time-bound.
    3. Aim for impact: Commitments should consider the contribution to one or more of the North Star elements - prosperity & well-being of producers; forest, water and soil conservation; and sustained supply of coffee.
    4. ​​​Can be reported on at set intervals: Organizations should enter commitments that can be reported on in the system on an annual or semi-annual basis with 1st, 2nd or 3rd party data.


    In collecting commitments, the Sustainable Coffee Challenge is providing a common space for understanding the numerous sustainability efforts and initiatives underway across the sector.​

    ​The following organizations have made commitments through the Sustainable Coffee Challenge:

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    EditCaption Title:About the Challenge
    EditCaption Description:Learn about the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, our partners and how to get involved.
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    EditCaption Title:Commitments
    EditCaption Description:Understand the kinds of commitments being made by organizations across the industry and how they will contribute to our goal of making coffee the first sustainable agricultural product.
    EditRead More Text:Read More
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    EditCaption Title:Sustainability Framework
    EditCaption Description:See how the Challenge will help innovate the coffee industry
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    EditCaption Title:Commitments Network
    EditCaption Description:Join the Challenge and state your commitment to make coffee sustainable
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