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EditPhoto Title:REDD+: Saving Forests to Keep Our Climate Safe
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EditImage Description:The forest in Manú National Park
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CI helps build the global system that makes forests more valuable when they’re standing than when they’re cut.​

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EditText Paragraph 1:Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, plus the role of conservation, sustainable management of forests, and the enhancement of forest carbon stocks
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About 11% of human-caused greenhouse gases come from the destruction of tropical forests. REDD+ is a system being designed by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to reduce these emissions. Under REDD+, countries and landholders that protect and restore forests are rewarded by developed countries. (For example, a community could receive REDD+ funding, or training to improve yields from existing farmland, in return for avoiding the clearing of standing forests.)

Our role

CI develops REDD+ projects that are proving that REDD+ can work. We use the lessons we learn from these projects to help design policies that will expand the use of REDD+ around the world.

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Edit Item Title:We demonstrate that REDD+ works
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Edit Item Text:Stopping deforestation must be a part of society’s solution to climate change, and REDD+ can be a part of the solution to deforestation. CI works on the ground with local communities, governments, scientists and other partners to implement REDD+ activities that effectively achieve emissions reductions — while benefiting people and protecting the forests that people, plants and animals all depend on.
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Edit Item Title:We make REDD+ work for people
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Edit Item Text:REDD+ will only be successful if it provides benefits to local people and local environments. CI engages with policymakers at all levels to help ensure that REDD+ is designed with strong local participation — and that it delivers multiple benefits to people. In fact, CI was a major contributor in the development of standards designed to help REDD+ projects deliver benefits not just to the climate, but also to communities.
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Edit Item Title:We build the capacity to implement REDD+
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Edit Item Text:For REDD+ to be successful, a wide range of people, from local communities to government leaders, must understand how it works. CI is a world leader in providing REDD+ training. We help design approaches to REDD+ that engage the people the mechanism will affect, that are scientifically sound and that are consistent with globally-recognized best practices.
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EditImage Alt Text:REDD+ in Peru
EditTitle:By the numbers
EditSubtitle:373,832 hectares of at-risk tropical forest protected
EditText:CI’s REDD+ projects have protected 373,832 hectares of some of the most important forests on Earth in places like Madagascar and Peru.
EditPhoto Credit:© Conservation International/photo by Olaf Zerbock
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      EditSection Title:Protecting forests in Peru
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        EditImage URL: /SiteCollectionImages/ci_47283891.jpg
        EditImage Description: People working in a tree nursery in the Alto Mayo Protected Forest
        EditText: Despite being part of the Peruvian national system of protected areas, the Alto Mayo Protected Forest is highly threatened by ongoing deforestation. While the area is rich in biodiversity and critical for water supply for local communities, illegal settlers have been clearing land for agriculture, reducing wildlife habitat and destroying forests. CI is working with small farmers to change from slash and burn practices to more sustainable activities — like growing coffee under the shade of healthy forests. Under this project, designed and validated using best practice REDD+ standards, CI is working with more than 700 families who understand the importance of the forest for water. These families are committed to stopping deforestation and reducing the impact of their agricultural activities.
        EditLink for Header and Image:/stories/alto-mayo-protected-forest/pages/overview.aspx[Optional]
        EditPhoto Credit:© Thomas Muller
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          EditImage Alt Text:Night falls over Rio de Janeiro. © Nikada

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          EditTitle:Science and Innovation
          EditImage Alt Text:Scientists set a camera trap. © Benjamin Drummond

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          EditTitle:The Ocean
          EditImage Alt Text:Coral reef in Viti Levu, Fiji, Oceania. © William Crosse