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Chevron and CI are working together on conservation initiatives and on the Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool (IBAT). Chevron is also a member of CI's Business & Sustainability Council, a community of companies committed to leveraging their business experience and resources to protect nature for the benefit of humanity.  

Chevron is helping CI to develop fresh water related tools and functionalities in IBAT to inform decision-making related to development and the planning and protection of sensitive ecological resources. Building on Chevron’s existing support to IBAT, CI and Chevron will begin working together this year to leverage the groundbreaking Global Freshwater Biodiversity Assessment — the first global conservation assessment of key freshwater indicator species — to develop catchment-level dashboards on conservation status and key watershed management threats needed to provide Chevron’s business units relevant and timely information needed for decision making purposes. The work will have broader application in industries where use of and potential impacts to fresh water may be of concern. 

Chevron is also supporting CI’s development of field-based conservation initiatives in geographies of common interest.  In Liberia, CI and Chevron are working together to demonstrate that Conservation Agreements — negotiated arrangements where resource users commit to conservation actions in exchange for benefit packages —​ can be a powerful tool in national conservation and development objectives. Chevron is helping CI to build awareness and understanding of these types of agreements within the Liberian government, to build the needed capacity to establish a program as well as to implement agreements that will improve people’s livelihoods while conserving the country’s resources.

Chevron is the second largest integrated oil company in the US and one of the largest in the world. For more information about Chevron, please visit​

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