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EditPhoto Title:CI - BHP Billiton Alliance
EditPhoto Description:The Alliance supports the conservation commitments of BHP Billiton to deliver significant and lasting benefits to the environment
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EditImage Description:Tasmanian old rainforest and stream
EditPhoto Credit:© Keiichi Hiki
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BHP Billiton — the world’s leading diversified resources company — acknowledges that the very nature of their operations means they will have impacts on the environment.

The company has committed to finance the conservation and ongoing management of areas of national and international biodiversity and ecosystem value.

In 2011, CI and BHP Billiton launched a five-year Alliance. The core objectives of the Alliance are to deliver significant and lasting benefits to the environment by preserving land of high conservation value in key regions where BHP Billiton operates, as well as to improve BHP Billiton’s land and biodiversity management practices.​

Our role

CI is providing strategic guidance to BHP Billiton on the design and implementation of global conservation projects in conjunction with local partners. CI has also been providing technical expertise to BHP Billiton to manage land and enhance biodiversity in a responsible and sustainable manner.​​

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    Edit Item Title:Inform corporate policies and practices
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    Edit Item Text:CI has been reviewing and providing strategic guidance to BHP Billiton regarding their existing corporate environmental policies, aiming at refining and improving them to ensure alignment with best practice standards, specifically in the areas of compensatory actions. In addition, CI is developing a methodology to assess landscape values that will assist BHP Billiton’s operations to better understand the broader environmental, economic and social values in a given landscape in order to help guide and inform their land use decisions. CI and BHP Billiton are also exploring opportunities to integrate forest carbon into their broader climate change strategy.
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    Edit Item Title:Support the design and implementation of a portfolio of conservation projects
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    Edit Item Text:The Global Alliance is committed to protecting conservation sites of national and international significance. Projects are selected from the high conservation priorities in the regions where BHP Billiton operates and thoroughly evaluated to ensure that they will make a lasting contribution to our global natural heritage. Each project is required to reach a high standard for effective conservation management and will be supported by a sustainable financing mechanism, so benefits to people and nature will continue for many years into the future. To date, two conservation projects are underway in Australia and Chile, with more expected to begin throughout 2014.
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    EditTitle:By the numbers
    EditSubtitle:11,000 hectares: the amount of land in Tasmania being protected as part of The Five Rivers Conservation Project.
    EditText:This very important landscape is within the Tasmanian World Heritage Area and includes areas of old-growth rainforest, wild rivers and alpine wetlands. It’s also a habitat for a number of endangered species, including the iconic Tasmanian devil. BHP Billiton has committed A$ 13.4 million to the long-term protection of this landscape.
    EditPhoto Credit:© Robin Moore/iLCP
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    EditTitle:Science and Innovation
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