“Human Nature”: a New Blog for an Ambitious New Mission at Conservation International


Reporting from the intersection of conservation and development and highlighting the vital links between nature’s well-being and humanity’s, the new blog invites readers inside CI’s global efforts to improve people’s lives by valuing and saving our critic

Arlington, Va.  – With a new theme, a new design, a globally-diverse but unified voice and a unique logo meant to spark curiosity, today Conservation International (CI) announced the re-launch of its institutional blog under the name Human Nature. The new blog seeks to remind people how fundamentally their well-being is tied to the natural environment and its services. It also aims to more explicitly express CI’s recent mission shift, which focuses on helping society adopt the conservation of nature as the foundation of development and to responsibly and sustainably safeguard its benefits.

Edited and published from CI’s world headquarters outside Washington, D.C., but aggregating content from a diverse team of contributors from Peru to Papua New Guinea, Human Nature endeavors to share knowledge, share inspiration and share its journey with readers, who are invited to follow along via the blog’s RSS feed.

The common thread connecting the organization’s diverse team of scientists, economists, indigenous partners, policy advisers, sustainability leaders and senior executives is the shared belief in the organization’s fundamental premise that people need nature not only to thrive, but survive. Raising awareness of this basic, but often forgotten, dependency is especially urgent; as the human population continues to grow, soaring demands for food, energy and water threaten to push nature past its ability to provide adequate life support systems.

“CI has some of the most passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable experts in the field of conservation-based development, working tirelessly in some of the most amazing places left on Earth. But the pressures confronting them are immense,” said CI Vice President for News and Publicity Kim McCabe. “Being able to vicariously see what they see, learn what they learn, and read about innovations and successes they deliver is an enlightening window into progress on CI’s ambitious strategy. I feel a little more energized, motivated and optimistic with each post I read.”


In Human Nature’s logo, the two words share one “n”, a design that calls attention to  the essential connections  between people’s well-being and nature’s. This fact may seem obvious, but it is often overlooked or marginalized in development and investment decisions. 

Managing Editor Molly Bergen, who will write, curate and publish content from contributors around the globe, noted the disconnection. “In our increasingly urbanized, wired world, many people have become dangerously disconnected from the natural gifts that sustain us. With Human Nature, we hope to show how natural ecosystems underpin all of the benefits and services we depend upon, such as a stable climate, abundant supplies of food and fresh water, safeguards for human health, the provision of cultural services and abundant biodiversity, and we’ll communicate our measurable progress in securing these benefits for people.”

Visitors to Human Nature will be able to select specific issues of particular interest from a list of topics that point toward CI’s primary areas of work, such as building climate resilience, corporate sustainability, innovative conservation finance, biodiversity science, indigenous and traditional communities and ocean health. There will also be a focus on “natural capital” — the valuation and accounting of goods and services that humans derive from nature — and the solutions that can be found to preserve it while adapting to the challenges of living in a modern world.  

Content can additionally be searched by author, date, or geographic region via an interactive map that enables browsing by country. Human Nature’s wide range of blog posts will include:
Originally launched in April 2009 but unnamed until now, CI’s blog was first created as a communications tool to document competitor updates in the Great Turtle Race, a past event that tracked the migration of sea turtles from Canada to the Caribbean. Since then, the blog has expanded to include dozens of regular contributors writing on a variety of topics from around the world, with more than 740 posts published, and views from 150 countries. 

Peers, supporters and partners of Conservation International are invited to bookmark and follow Human Nature to gain a window into the organization’s work and to link to the blog and republish its content with appropriate credit to CI and the author. Journalists are also encouraged to browse the blog for story leads and sources, and to email CI’s News + Media Team with interview or information requests. 


Note to editors:
Learn more at: humannatureblog.org​

For more information, contact:
Managing Editor, Molly Bergen:  mbergen@conservation.org
+1-703-341-2459 (United States)

About Conservation International (CI) - Building upon a strong foundation of science, partnership and field demonstration, CI empowers societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature, our global biodiversity, for the long term well-being of people. Founded in 1987, CI has headquarters in the Washington D.C. area, and more than 800 employees working in nearly 22 countries on four continents, plus 1,000+ partners around the world.  For more information, please visit: www.conservation.org , or follow us on Facebook or Twitter​.