Preliminary Economic and Policy Assessment in Northern Sumatra Biodiversity Corridor (NSC)
Final report
Greenomics Indonesia

Jakarta : Greenomics Indonesia, 2003
xvi, 237 p

One of the conservation strategies that has been used to ensure the continued survival of our remaining forests is to apply the corridor approach. This approach involves the active role of all the stakeholders in identifying the most appropriate conservation strategy having regard to economic, social and policy  aspects. In the northern part of Sumatra, Conservation International Indonesia (CII) is developing the Northern Sumatra Biodiversity Corridor (NSC), which covers the following areas: Angkola, Western Toba Watershed Forest, the Leuser Ecosystem, and the Seulawah Heritage Forest.

The said Northern Sumatra Biodiversity Corridor forest stretches across the provinces of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam and North Sumatra, and involves a total of 24 rural districts/municipalities, covers an area of 70 thousand hectares, including within it around 80 percent of the remaining forests.

Unduh Preliminary Economic and Policy Assessment in NSC