Verde Island Passage
Jürgen Freund

The first phase of CI activities in the Verde Island Passage (2005-2008) focused on research and studies which updated ecosystems information and identified stakeholder perceptions on the state and threats to the area’s marine environment. It also recommended activities to improve local capacities for conservation management and policy enforcement. Results indicated the necessary locations of marine protected areas (MPAs) and networks, the need to develop MPA plans, and organize the operations and support for a more active and functional corridor-wide enforcement strategy.

Guided by these results, ongoing conservation work in Verde Island Passage centers on site-based implementation of these recommendations, generating support for corridor-wide conservation and management, and pursing a sustained national interest.

CI also spearheaded the conduct of a climate change vulnerability assessment for the Verde Island Passage. This exercise yielded insights on the ecological and human vulnerability of the Passage to climate change impacts, as well as recommendations on how local resource managers can be more “climate-smart” and develop climate change adaptation plans.