Sea Turtle Corridor
CI/Rina Bernabe
CI works with partners in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines to promote transboundary approaches as well as active community-level interventions to promote sea turtle conservation.

Essential activities in the corridor include the establishment and management of marine protected areas and networks, species research and conservation, strengthening partnerships and alliances with stakeholders from Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, as well as the development of sustainable financing mechanisms to sustain protection efforts in this conservation corridor.

In Turtle Islands Wildlife Sanctuary, efforts are underway to develop the area as a prime ecotourism location, capitalizing on its unique attraction: nesting green sea turtles. CI is helping to facilitate this process to ensure that ecotourism will contribute to the sustainable management of marine resources and help sustain turtle populations.

Considering the remote location and inaccessibility of Turtle Islands, there are a lot of challenges in effectively implementing marine conservation and fisheries laws.  To strengthen law enforcement and promote the protection of Turtle Islands, CI has been working with DENR in renovating the Baguan field station and providing it with boats, communications systems and other field equipment. Training on marine protected area management and law enforcement were also given to the wardens and other law enforcement groups in the area. CI also provided assistance to the Protected Area Management Board in surveying and delineating the boundaries of the no-take zone.