tingkep baskets made by the indigenous Palaw'ans of Mt. Mantalingahan
CI Photo

The 2009 presidential proclamation of Mt. Mantalingahan Protected Landscape was the fruit of several years of scientific studies, strong partnerships, participatory and consultative approaches on protected area gazettement. The proclamation of Mt. Mantalingahan as a protected area is a very important step in ensuring the well-being of not only the mountain range’s rich biological resources, but also the well-being of the people of Palawan.

CI’s activities in MMPL continue to support the major strategies of the protected area’s management plan. In support of law enforcement efforts, CI identified nearly 50 community volunteers for specific watersheds and provided them with paralegal training and enforcement mentoring sessions. These volunteers have been deputized by their local chief executives and are doing regular foot patrols in designated areas.

Through conservation agreements, CI is enabling and encouraging local communities to protect their natural resources. Hundreds of families from the various communities in Mt. Mantalingahan Range have entered into conservation agreement schemes that allow them to participate in protection activities while also gaining incentives in the process. These mechanisms allow the transformation of local communities from mere resource users to responsible resource managers in their respective communities.