Conservation International Unveils New Organizational Identity
Conservation International launched a new organizational identity that clearly links biodiversity conservation with human well-being.

Humanity can no longer consider itself as something apart from the rest of life on earth. If we - and the generations to come - are to maintain our quality of life and improve the lot of the billions of people who are poor and hungry we need to rethink our relationship with the planet.

We have built CI’s new identity and a new approach to our work around this concept and introduced a new mission and vision statement and a new corporate logo. Essentially, our message is this: people need nature to thrive.

CI’s new approach is based around six priority initiatives aimed at enhancing global food security, climate security, freshwater security, health security, cultural security and the long-term contribution of diverse species of plants and animals to human well-being.

Peter Seligmann, CEO and Chairman of Conservation International said: “Without healthy ecosystems we would not have the food, water and stable climate that all societies depend upon. Our challenge is to reshape the most powerful social force of our time – development – to include a deep-rooted understanding that the conservation of nature with its full complement of species and ecosystems is essential for economic growth and human well-being.”

For nearly a quarter of a century CI has been a world-leader in finding pragmatic, effective solutions to the world’s environmental problems, and has worked closely with heads of state and governments, the world’s largest corporations and philanthropists, other non-government organizations and civil society groups in more than 40 countries around the world to ensure the survival of the world’s most valuable ecosystems and species.

Our success is rooted in ensuring that conservation generates clear benefits for the people who live in and rely on the important places where we work. CI’s new organizational identity builds on this with a more intense focus on how a healthy planet better supports humanity, and how development must be managed to make this possible.

Mr. Seligmann added: “Our new logo represents our new mission and strategy, and most importantly our vision of a healthy blue planet supported by a sustainable, green development path.”

The old logo, which featured the elements of tropical forest, wildlife and hut, reflected CI’s focus when it was founded in 1987: that of working with communities to protect species and prevent habitat destruction in tropical countries facing the greatest threats to biodiversity.

CI's new iconic logo is a modern, unmistakable graphic that represents the breadth and scale of our efforts, both on land and at sea, and the kind of international collaboration needed to help societies move toward a more sustainable economic model. It represents what we hope to achieve: a healthy blue planet supported by a green development path. The successes that have defined CI for years have resolved themselves into this great, blue circle of life; our markets, policy work and public engagement endeavors are charting a new, green path that incorporates these efforts.

People simply cannot exist without healthy ecosystems. Under this new logo, CI will continue to expand our efforts to make conservation a cornerstone of economic development to benefit everyone, everywhere.