Protect the planet that provides

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    Take the Pledge

    I recognize that I need nature.

    I recognize that nature gives me the air I breathe, the food I eat, the water I drink and much, much more.

    I recognize that without people like me who raise our voices to protect the planet, we’ll continue to take more from nature than nature can give.

    I’m going to help turn the tide.

    I pledge to protect the planet that provides.

    And I pledge to spread this message to my friends, family and neighbors — so they, too, can understand and appreciate nature’s value.

    8,132 People
    have taken the pledge so far
    They pledged. You can join them.
    We have to move beyond the idea of Nature as exotic animals we see in films on the Discovery Channel or a pretty place we go and visit. Nature is not some exotic luxury we can just appreciate from a distance or a cool vacation we'd like to take someday. And those amazing animals aren't doingas well as those films make it seem. We have to wise up to the deeper understanding that the incredibly complex natural systems of this planet are the foundation for everything we call 'human civilization' and get serious about confronting the challenge of adapting our behavior in ways that will ensure our own survival. If we don't grow up and work hard to get our lives back into balance with the planet's systems that support us, our grandkids are going to call us 'the stupidest generation in human history'.
    – Edward Norton
    Actor and co-founder, CrowdRise
    I went vegan to protect nature. And I pledged to protect the planet that provides, too. Without nature, NONE of us would have anything to eat.
    – Brea Grant, Actress   
    Nature has always provided sustenance, inspiration and peace for me, my loved ones and my global family .That is why I pledge to protect the planet that provides.
    – Noor Al Hussein    
    Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan   
    Chairperson, King Hussein Foundation   
    Trustee Emeritus, Conservation International   
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    Every human life on Earth depends on a natural world capable of supporting our needs. But we are taking more from nature than it can replace, weakening the Earth’s ability to provide the clean air, fresh water and food we depend on. That is why CI is working at every level — from remote villages to the offices of presidents and CEOs — to help move whole societies toward a healthier, more sustainable development path that values and accounts for nature's role in our well-being.

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